Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze is a low-lead alloy that has an unique combination of corrosion- and mechanical properties (high tensile strength) and a good hot- and cold workability. Silicon bronzes are alloyed with 1-3% of silicon; about 1% of iron, nickel, manganese or tin can also be present. Silicon bronze has excellent chemical resistance and becomes stronger when worked.

LDM manufactures copper based alloys designed by customers in order to meet their own specific engineering problems.

LDM produces a variety of shapes in Silicon Bronze.

Silicon bronze is an ideal material choice for artistic sculpture and plaques as it has an excellent surface finish.

Available Silicon bronze:
•    C661
•    C651
•    C655

Technical specification:
Silicon Bronze

Typical applications:
•    Pumps
•    Boilers
•    Chemical vessels
•    Marine hardware
•    Valve parts

LDM is more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.


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