Manganese Brass

Our famous in-house developed Manganese Brass alloy LDM C673, which results in a heavy duty resistant brass ultimately suitable for the automotive industry.

LDM C673 Manganese Brass:
•    Excellent wear and tear characteristics
•    Can be easily machined and hot forged
•    Corrosion resistant
•    Great alternative for phosphor bronze in many applications
•    Can be soldered

Technical specification:
Manganese Brass 
Manganese Brass - General Purpose 
Manganese Brass - High Strength

LDM C673 manganese brass can be supplied in several conditions.
Condition “Extreme” (HR50) is an in-house developed brass with enhanced properties for excellent fatigue strength and wear and tear properties during heavy loading.
LDM C673 manganese brass outperforms other special brasses and bronzes.

LDM C673 manganese brass turned out to be a great alternative for phosphor bronze in many applications!!!

Typical applications:
•    Valve guides
•    Shafts
•    Gears
•    Bushes
•    Piston Shoes
•    Cam follower pins

LDM is more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.


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