Aluminum Bronze

The Aluminum bronzes are a range of copper based alloys in which aluminum up to 11% is the primary alloying element.

In addition to aluminum, the major alloying elements are nickel, iron, manganese and silicon. Varying proportions of these result is a comprehensive range of alloys to meet a wide range of engineering requirements.

The numerous and varied applications for aluminum bronze alloys reflect fully their versatility as engineering materials. Aluminum bronzes are finding increasing use in chemical, petrochemical and desalination plant, marine, offshore and shipboard plant, power generation, aircraft, automotive and railway engineering and building industries.

Application areas are best discussed with reference to primary service property required, but there is of course an interplay of properties which finally governs the selection of a particular alloy.

Some of the aluminum bronze alloys are of comparable strength to low carbon steel and stronger than most stainless steel.

The outstanding corrosion resistance of aluminum bronzes in marine is due to the formation of an intrinsic, thin but tough adherent film al aluminum oxide. 


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