Brass profiles

The benefits of selecting a brass profile are obvious. The shape required can be produced with little or no further machining to give a fully functioning component in the shortest possible time.

This is an area where LDM excels! Many companies have taken advantage of an expertise in producing Brass profiles that is unrivalled in the Industry.

LDM produces profiles for a vast range of industries, but here are a few examples of major users. The electrical industry utilizes profiles for switchgear and connectors. Profiles are used in hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. The worldwide locks and security Industry is a large user, as is the sanitary industry. Profiles are also found in automotive components, as well as being used for architectural purposes such as banisters, railings, lift track, and decorative edgings.

With a vast die library at our disposal, and the ability to produce in a range of copper alloys, we can guarantee that LDM will have the skill and expertise to solve your engineering problem.


The minimum circumscribing circle for sections is 6-8 mm.

The maximum circumscribing circle is normally 120 mm.


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