Processing BlueTap®

Leadfree brass alloys always lead up to higher costs and need to be processed differently than leaded brass.
Our LDM BlueTap alloys have the same hot forgeablity rating as standard leaded brass. Maching the leadfree brass demands a different approach and an adjustment of tooling and machining conditions. There are currently leadfree alloys in the market, in which lead has been replaced by Silicon. The material- and processing costs for these alloys are very expensive

However, our BlueTap alloys can be processed with short shavings under the right conditions. The adjustment needed strongly depends on the given circumstances. Following adjustments could be necessary:
- Cutting speed, feed and start
- Cooling, Lubrication
- Tooling (Type and geometry)
- Tooling material and coating
- Fixture of the workpiece
- Engine power and rigidity

LDM has drawn up an operating procudure recommendation especially for its valued customers to support them in obtaining the most favorable cycle times and tooling conditions.
Please feel free to contact us if you have difficulties processing our BlueTap alloys.
We are more than happy to introduce you to specialists in the Tooling industry


Recommendation how to process BLUETAP alloys


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