LDM introduces the solution to lead free and low lead drinking water application State and national laws in the USA and European Union are being changed to restrict lead (Pb) content in drinking water applications. The European Union has initiated a Drinking Water Directive. The objective of the Drinking Water Directive (DWD) is to protect the health of the consumers in the European Union and to make sure the water is wholesome and clean.


The State of California jump-started the movement to consider a world without traditional leaded alloys with law AB1953.
AB 1953 would phase out lead (Pb) from brass plumbing used to convey drinking water utility distribution pipes and in consumer plumbing fittings and faucets. Beginning in 2010, only the lead-free (max 0.25%) plumbing components meeting the AB 1953 lead standard could be sold in California.

LDM is proud to announce the introduction of BlueTap lead free alternatives for drinking water applications. LDM has developed several lead free alloys, which have proven itself to meet customer- and market demand. LDM aims to be the best in its worldwide niche markets and therefore works closely with its customers to obtain that goal.

Our BlueTap lead free alloys are recyclable with greater ease than other alloys, as our low lead alloys do not contain Bismuth, which is a contaminator to the environment, or Silicon, which is a contaminator to the swarf circulation. On top of that, our lead free alloys are priced more favorable.


Technical specifications:

BlueTap 100: machining and hot forging quality.

BlueTap 101: machining quality
BlueTap 102: maching and forging alloy, known as C27450 (ASTM)

BlueTap 200: hot forging applications
BlueTap 300: lead free alternative dezincification resistant brass

BlueTap 350: low lead dezincification resistant brass

LDM is your strategic partner for BlueTap lead free alloys. Please take the opportunity to contact us and discuss your specific requirements!!


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