LDM introduces the solution to lead free and low lead drinking water application State and national laws in the USA and European Union are being changed to restrict lead (Pb) content in drinking water applications. The European Union has initiated a Drinking Water Directive. The objective of the Drinking Water Directive (DWD) is to protect the health of the consumers in the European Union and to make sure the water is wholesome and clean.
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Aluminum Bronze

The Aluminum bronzes are a range of copper based alloys in which aluminum up to 11% is the primary alloying element.
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LDM offers two DZR alloys from its comprehensive range. Both conform to the latest European Standard CW602N (CuZn36Pb2As). Available for machining or hot forging applications.
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High Performance

Our famous in-house developed Manganese Brass alloy LDM C673, which results in a heavy duty resistant brass ultimately suitable for the automotive industry.
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Nickel Silver

LDM is proud to introduce the alloys C798 to you and your staff as an addition to our product line.
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Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze is a low-lead alloy that has an unique combination of corrosion- and mechanical properties (high tensile strength) and a good hot- and cold workability. Silicon bronzes are alloyed with 1-3% of silicon; about 1% of iron, nickel, manganese or tin can also be present. Silicon bronze has excellent chemical resistance and becomes stronger when worked.
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Standard Brass

Our advanced production technology enables us to provide brass rod with an uniform structure, and consistent physical properties. This guarantees perfect machinability. Most standard free machining alloys contain up to 3.5% lead.
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Brass Billets

Besides our extruded products, LDM offers a selection of billets, in brass alloys as well as in manganese bronze and aluminiumbronze, casted in our own foundry.

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Brass Profiles

The benefits of selecting a brass profile are obvious. The shape required can be produced with little or no further machining to give a fully functioning component in the shortest possible time.
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