LDM of Drunen has a staff of 150 individuals with a hands-on mentality. Customer orientation, quality, a safe working environment and flexibility are our core values. LDM is a company with a long history, one that plays an increasingly greater role in the international market.

At LDM we focus on the individual by optimising such key areas as motivation and communication. Personal development is in perfect keeping with this strategy. Working at LDM means developing as an individual, working in an informal environment and having plenty of career development opportunities with excellent training options. All of this supports our specials, knowledge and safety strategy.


LDM is a no-nonsense organisation. This means ensuring concrete results and not hiding behind rules or agreements. Intrapreneurship, the practice of entrepreneurship within one’s own organisation, is encouraged by means of, for example, creating and utilising opportunities.

The new company culture is symbolised by collaborating circles within a framework: employees initiating improvements, solving problems, taking responsibility and making decisions. Management is externally-oriented, creates the frameworks, coaches, trains and takes corrective measures when necessary.

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Lipsstraat 44, 5151 RP Drunen, The Netherlands
PO Box 42 , 5150 AA Drunen, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 416 389 911 fax: +31 416 378 655
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