As humans, our activities have a tremendous impact on our surroundings. We at LDM are acutely aware of this fact. We fully understand that we are dependent on limited resources in our line of work. Consequently, as a manufacturer of brass and bronze semi finished products, we have set a goal for ourselves to continue reducing the environmental effect of our activities in the years to come. Ultimately, the result of our efforts should actually make a positive contribution to the environment. This is a remarkably ambitious and innovative goal. Of course we cannot achieve it overnight, and we certainly cannot do it on our own. To do so, we need help from our suppliers, our employees, our surroundings and our customers. Together with our suppliers and other parties we strive for a continuous improvement of the sustainability performance of our supply chain, both from an environmental and socio-economic point of view


Sustainability: action, not just words

We ensure that our products have the lowest possible impact on the environment during their life cycle. We develop products that last longer, we design new alloys that do not contain harmful heavy metals if at all possible, we use secondary raw materials almost exclusively, we pay close attention to energy consumption and we collect our materials at the end of their life cycle for recycling and upcycling. We encourage our employees to practice environmental awareness on the job.
Our production site is ISO 14001 certified and LDM has achieved the strict ISO/TS 16949 standard requirements in 2011. We constantly monitor our processes for quality and effectiveness. Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our working methods.


Climate and energy

With the help of pioneering technology we will continue to gauge the carbon footprint of our activity and reduce it wherever possible. Our ultimate goal is to arrive at a positive environmental impact. In addition, LDM has embraced an ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption by at least 20 percent for each unit produced. LDM already uses green energy exclusively for all of our electricity needs.


Social responsibility

LDM is a friendly and safe company to work for, and we want our business to have a positive effect on our customers, our suppliers and our neighbours. We enjoy a reputation as an honest and ethically minded partner, an excellent employer and a responsible neighbour. Our production site is ISO 18001 certified.


Waste and recycling

At LDM, over 98 percent of the materials used in the manufacturing process for brass and bronze semi finished products are secondary raw materials, effectively accomplishing full recycling and even upcycling. In addition, LDM constantly evaluates the waste flows produced by our manufacturing activities. One of our short term goals is to process waste flows containing metal on site. The object is to be able to funnel the metal content entirely back into the production process.

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