Drawing Department


The drawing department has 4 drawing machines that process sleeves and 1 drawing machine that processes straight lengths.

With a winding drawing machine the material is reeled off on the input side, led though the wire drawing die, sawn to size and, if necessary, directed.
The sleeve drawing machines offer the possibility to realise the mechanical qualities and outline tolerances in an efficient way.



On a cable drawing machine the input material is pushed in straight lengths in the mould. After removing the point the bar is directed, if necessary.




In the drawing department the products are sawn according to specifications and a sloping side is made on the material.

The qualities of brass and bronze are greatly influenced by heat treatments. The drawing department uses a room oven and a hat oven to treat the products to a maximum temperature of 600 C.

LDM offers various mechanical processings to the client:

  •   Cast billets are turned in our billet turning mill to the required diameter.
  •   Bar material can be sawn in every required short length in our turning lathe.

LDM sets strict requirements with regard to the quality of the products it supplies to its clients. We have built in various destructive and non-destructive inspection methods in our production process.

Non-destructive methods
The foundry and laboratory have modern analysis devices in order to determine the chemical analysis: X-ray diffraction (XRF and mini XRF) and an OES to be able to check the various elements in line in the smelt.


In the foundry as well as in the drawing department ultrasonic (US) inspection is carried out in order to trace internal defects.

With Eddy Current (EC) inspection a little eddy current is applied on the surface of the bar, as a result of which surface defects are detected.


Both inspection methods are carried out in line fully automatically.


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