The total capacity of the foundry is approx. 50,000 tons a year.

The foundry has melting furnaces and a holding furnace where approx. 80 different alloys are produced.
About 1/5 part of the melting capacity is available for special alloys, which are immediately cast through a semi continuous casting process.




With the semi continuous casting process the length of the billet is limited by the vertical arrangement of this machine. By closing a water-cooled coquille set with a plunger the casing becomes rigid during the casting of the smelt. By slowly pulling the plunger from the coquille under continuous cooling, a post is created which is suitable for extrusion or other processings.

In the continuous process the billets are cast horizontally. This method is applied for alloys with a lower viscosity and that coagulate relatively fast. The length of these posts is unlimited in principle. With a flying saw the billets can be cut off to the required length without disturbing the casting process.

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