Mission Statement LDM

LDM sells, manufactures and develops copper alloy rods and billets. It is our aim to achieve worldwide success in our specific niche markets.
The organisation distinguishes itself through a high customer-orientation and service level, and drive for continuous improvement.


Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

LDM has an adequate, integrated KAM system, and is IATF 16949, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Safety is vital to us here at LDM. Our goal is zero absenteeism involving accidents. We identify structural safety risks and remove the cause to ensure the safety level is increased year on year.


We apply a strict policy to limit sickness leave and to assist in a speedy recovery. LDM uses the 5S-method to ensure that order and neatness is continuously improved throughout the site, at all workstations and storage areas of LDM. 


The Health & Safety and Environment policy of LDM is focussed on meeting European and Dutch law and all agreements by way of compliance management. 


Improving energy efficiency is an important aim of LDM, and we shall do our utmost to use methods and ideas from the C2C principle where possible to achieve this.


Our quality policy is aimed at fulfilling customer requirements and legal product requirements.


Customer satisfaction and the quality performance are continuously improved.


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Lipsstraat 44, 5151 RP Drunen, The Netherlands
PO Box 42 , 5150 AA Drunen, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 416 389 911 fax: +31 416 378 655
Email: sales.ldm@ldmbrass.com
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