LDM's experience of brass manufacturing goes back to 1960, when the LIPS company started production in Drunen, in the south of Holland. In 1982 the brass rod and copper tube production was split off from the LIPS company, operating under the name LDM, standing for "Lips Drunen Metal".


In 1990 LDM was acquired by Boliden, the Swedish mining company, to be sold on the 1st of January 2004 to Outokumpu, the Finnish stainless steel producer. On the 1st of June 2012 the Dutch Bons & Evers Holding has become the new owner of LDM. For more information please check our Newspage.

In all these years,  LDM  has grown to a modern, cost-efficient plant, producing some 30.000 ton/year of high quality brass rod and billets.


Our motivated work force of 160 employees, combined with continuous investments in our production technology, and close cooperation with our customers and suppliers form the basis for our ever improving quality and logistics.


Founded in 1962, our German sales office and two warehouses have established a reputation of reliability, high quality and quick delivery times.

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Lipsstraat 44, 5151 RP Drunen, The Netherlands
PO Box 42 , 5150 AA Drunen, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 416 389 911 fax: +31 416 378 655
Email: sales.ldm@ldmbrass.com
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